snow plow

The Nordic Plow can be attached to virtually any all-terrain vehicle, mower, or car in seconds.
The rounded edge blade is designed to glide over driveways and uneven surfaces.

Here's are a few of our customers and retailers

Why Nordic Plow

  • Attaches to virtually any all-terrain vehicle, mower, or car in seconds; Supports all brands.
  • Plow less expensive than most snow blowers
  • No hydraulics or special hitches
  • Designed to guide over driveways and uneven surfaces, even grass
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent Pending

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"Having been raised the son of an auto worker in Michigan, I take great pride in the cars I drive. I was very reluctant to attach anything to the front of my new 2012 Buick. The Nordic auto plow crew convinced me to try out their plow, and I can proudly say that after 10+ uses this past winter, I’m very impressed. My paint is still flawless, the plow worked great, and I didn’t once touch my snowblower. Thanks for the great product!"
- Robert Bachand, Augusta, MI
Chevy Pick up. I purchased this plow being very worried that it wouldn’t hold up. To my surprise it is very well built. It took maybe 20 minutes to assemble and as they stress it is very important to put the cogs in proper place. Once assembled takes about a minute to hook to your vehicle. It works as good as they say. I would recommend it to anyone.
- Keith Kinley, Southern IN
I would like to once again thank you for your OUTSTANDING customer service!!! Please find attached a referral letter as well as a picture of the ATV with the plow attached. I wish you success in your business and I hope that your customer service is always as excellent as it was with us. I am extremely satisfied with your product and I look forward to telling others about it. Thank you.
- Waldy Alverez, Plano, IL