See It In Action - Lawn Mower Plow

TIPS for the user of the Nordic Auto Plow PLEASE READ PRIOR TO FIRST USE! download pdf Download Nordic Auto Plow TIPS >>
  • Keep a steady momentum while plowing, but keep it slow! (1-2 mph max)
  • This is a Plastic Plow – not a Magic Plow! Do not Ram large piles of snow at the end of your driveway. Steady momentum will work on large piles of snow; however, RAMMING it will cause something to break!
  • Use extreme caution near curbs and streets – sudden changes of elevation will cause a problem unless approached slowly. Use common sense here!
  • The perfect setting of the plow is achieved when you can push the blade under the bumper with your boot - this forces the cog to engage the bottom of the bumper at the same time the strap becomes taught. If Strap is too tight, loosen it – too loose, tighten it.
  • DON’T FORGET THE BUNGEE CORDS. Attach the adjustable bungee cord to the inside of your wheel well rather than the fender. I prefer to slightly push the plow under the bumper first, then attach bungee cords, and then attach straps.
  • Consider using the straps on the gap by the door rather than the hood of your car for smaller vehicles. This keeps the plow from sliding to the right or left while turning. If hooking to your door, consider tying both straps across the hood together to form an H – this keeps the straps in place without sliding up and down.
  • Most cars have a straight, rear bumper which is ideal for the plow. Once strapped to the trunk, tailgate or luggage rack, the bungee cords help lock the plow in place.
  • For easy transport, pull the plow towards you while attached to the car and rest the cogs on your bumper. The straps and bungee cords will hold it in place. (DO NOT drive like that on the highway!)
  • Use a yard marker on at least one end of the plow so you can see it while driving. If the marker disappears from view – STOP THE CAR!
  • If you are plowing but not scraping the driveway cleanly, double check that your straps and/or bungee cords are not too tight – this will raise the bottom of the blade off the ground.
  • Try not to drive on the virgin snow – backtrack along the path you just cleared before changing lanes. If you’ve already packed down the snow with your car, the plow will not get to the bottom of the drive in those areas.