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Action Track Chair Plow
"I lost both my legs in Afghanistan and since then I've been looking for ways for me to help out. Last winter I hated seeing my wife shovel the driveway, and now that she is pregnant with our first child I knew that wasn't going to be an option this winter. This December we are moving to a house we built out in the country so this will be extremely useful in the coming days. Thanks so much!"

We have designed a unique mounting system for our patent pending, lightweight Nordic Plow to attach to the Action Trackchair for year round use. Nordic Plow is not affiliated with the Action Trackchair company in anyway - so please consult your owners' policy for warranty information. It took us two years to develop a mounting system that would minimize the impact plowing would have on sensitive parts of the chair, like the seat actuator. Combine this with its easy attachment method and lightweight design, we believe our plow is the perfect complement to the chair.

Our 47" wide v-plow has a rounded edge that will allow it to roll over cracks in the sidewalks, paver bricks and driveways and will not tear up your grass. Use it year round to:

  • Plow snow from sidewalks and driveways in the winter
  • Push mulch during spring and summer yard work
  • Knock down brush and weeds while hiking or hunting in the fall
Action Chair Plow
Action Track Chair Plow
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