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We have the most efficient, inexpensive and time saving method to clear core plugs from greens, tee boxes and fairways! The patent pending, lightweight, rounded edge plow will not harm your turf and can also be used on paver bricks, stone or irregular pathways and winter tarps for greens.

We've designed our mounts to easily attach to most turf equipment and tri-deck mowers on the market today (i.e. John Deere, Toro, Jacobsen, SmithCo and many others). We also have plows that fit most utility vehicles, zero turn mowers and golf carts. The plow has been field tested and is in use by golf courses, professional ground crews and major universities around the country.

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Perfect Shovel
Perfect Shovel
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64" Plow
Core Collector Plows for Aerators
64" John Deere Aercore 1500 w/ brushes
49" Toro ProCore 648 w/ brushes
64" Toro ProCore 864 w/ brushes
64" Plow
36" Core Collector Plows for Walk-Behind Mowers
John Deere 180, 180C, 220, 220C
John Deere 180 E-Cut, 220 E-Cut
John Deere 180SL, 220SL
Toro Greensmaster 1000, 800
Toro Greensmaster Flex 1000, 800
Toro Greensmaster E-Flex 1000, 800
64" Plow
Bunker/Infield Turf Machine Plows
64" Jacobsen Groom Master
64" John Deere 1200 A
64" John Deere 1200 Hydro
49" Smithco Sand Star Zee
64" Smithco Super Star
64" Toro SandPro 2040 Z
64" Toro SandPro 3040
64" Toro SandPro 5040
64" Toro SandPro 5040 w/ angled blade
64" Turf Plow
64" Tri-Deck Mower Plows
Jacobsen Eclipse 322
John Deere 2500
Toro 3150
64" UTV straight plow
64" UTV Plows
Cub Cadet Challenger 500 & 700
John Deere 825i
John Deere Gator DX, TX, TH, TS, TE
John Deere Pro Gator
Kubota RTV
Toro Groundmaster 360
Toro Groundmaster 7210
Toro Workman HD
Toro Workman HDX
Toro Workman MD