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The Nordic Plow is a patent- pending, lightweight plow made of a rubber based composite material with a unique rounded edge. This design works great on uneven surfaces such as gravel and paver brick driveways, sidewalks and even grass. It comes in various lengths to accommodate usage by Passenger Cars, SUVs, ATVs, Lawn Tractors, UTVs, Z-Turn Mowers and other specialty equipment. Each Nordic Plow comes complete with its specific mounting system for your vehicles of choice.

  • The 49” Straight Plow is perfect for long driveways and sidewalks – you can also change the angle of the blade to 5 different positions with a simple T-Handle pin.
  • It won’t rust
  • It won’t mark up your driveway
  • It won’t tear up your grass
  • It won’t tear up your paver bricks
  • It will leave the gravel in your driveway
  • It won’t break your back!
49" Lawn Tractor Straight Plow
49" Lawn Tractor Straight Plow
NEW for December 2015 - Upgraded metal handle