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Perfect Shovel
WGN testimonial
Our company is new, but highly innovative and quick to adapt to new equipment. Our most recent new product, the Perfect Shovel, was positively evaluated while we were at the GIS by Consumer Report and we were given a great endorsement by Mr. Fix-It - Lou Manfredini on WGN720 radio, the Midwest largest radio station, last Saturday. He’s been on the air for 30+ years and is Chicago’s number 1 morning talk show. You can listen to the entire 6 minute segment here or read the consumer report review here.

The patent pending snow pusher by Nordic Plow is so unique that we've dubbed it the "Perfect Shovel!" This shovel is perfect for the everyone who is tired of suffering from back pain while twisting, lifting and throwing snow the traditional way. Finally the better mouse trap has been designed when it comes to snow shovels. Why is our shovel so special? Check out its features:

  • It has an adjustable handle with handle grips
  • It has either a rounded or sharp edge
  • It has 3 adjustable angles - straight, 5 degree, or 10 degree
  • You can change blade angles from left to right with a flip of the wrist
  • It is available in 24" or 36" or 48" widths and is 11.5" tall