Nordic Plow Action Track Chair Plow

Action Track Chair Plow

Nordic Plow has designed a unique mounting system for our patented lightweight Nordic Plow which attaches to your Action TrackchairĀ®.  

Our 47" wide v-plow has a rounded edge that allows it to roll over sidewalk & driveway cracks while clearing the snow.   Key Benefits include:  

  • Quick and easy attachment  
  • Turf friendly lightweight plow
  • Use during fall hunting trips to knock down weeds & stalks

Authorized Distributor

Off-Road Track Chair is an authorized  west coast distributor of the Nordic Plow for the Action Track Chair




"I lost both my legs in Afghanistan and since then I've been looking  for ways for me to help out. Last winter I hated seeing my wife shovel  the driveway, and now that she is pregnant with our first child I knew  that wasn't going to be an option this winter. This December we are  moving to a house we built out in the country so this will be extremely  useful in the coming days. Thanks so much!"


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Community helps get man a wheelchair snowplow
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