Nordic Auto Plow

Turn Your Minivan into a Plow


MInivans are probably the best fit for the Nordic Auto Plow. A low bumper design and a low center of gravity are a perfect match for plowing snow

Announcing The Nordic Auto Plow


This is where we started in 2010. We may have evolved  into many product lines but for many people the Nordic Auto Plow has been a rather fun addition to their snow removal arsenal of products.

Nordic Auto V-Plow


The Nordic Auto V-Plow is the sister plow to our original Auto Plow.

A Nice Warm Car


Taking your time with a slow steady push and you can make quick work of an otherwise stressful job

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Yes cars can plow snow.

Shoveling & Stress

It is a real thing

Our heart is in the right place. This was and still is one of the leading reasons our owner invented the Auto Plow.

Resist the temptation

 Shoveling, even pushing a heavy snow blower, can cause sudden increase in blood pressure and heart rate, and the cold air can cause constriction of the blood vessel and decrease oxygen to the heart. All these work in concert to increase the work of the heart and trigger a potentially fatal heart attack



Nordic Auto Plow 3-Minute Driveway

Unlike big truck steel plows slow is the name of the game here. Watch how slow this minivan moves yet gets the job done in 3 minutes real time

3 minute driveway video

How it works

There is some pretty cool technolgy designed into how the plow actually works

How it works and attaches


 Nordic Plow’s 79" wide Auto Plow attaches to most passenger cars and SUV’s - it is not for trucks or commercial applications. The plow works on vehicles that have a bumper height of no more than 14in off the ground. (As measured from the ground to the bottom of the bumper). The Nordic Auto Plow is a patent- pending, lightweight (51lbs) plow made of a rubber based composite material with a unique rounded edge. This design works great on uneven surfaces such as gravel, paver brick driveways, and even grass. Simply put the plow in front of your vehicle, attach the four straps and start plowing. Stay warm inside your car this winter- Why shovel; let your car do the work!