The Perfect Shovel

The Perfect Shovel by Nordic Plow

Nordic Plow’s Perfect Shovel, as featured on the NBC Today Show and WGN’s Mr. Fix-it program, is so uniquely designed that the US Patent office granted us a patent! 

Features include an ergonomically designed adjustable handle that you customize to your height and weight.  It saves your back as you use your forearms and body weight to do the work – like pushing a lawn mower.  Our lightweight reversible blade has a sharp edge for smooth driveways or a rounded edge to glide over cracks, paver bricks, gravel, wood decks, and even grass. 

Another patented feature is an the 11.5" high adjustable blade angles from right to left with a flip of the wrist so you don’t have to worry about runoff snow.  Available in 2', 3' and 4' foot widths.

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NAP-PS24 Perfect Shovel 24"

NAP-PS36 Perfect Shovel 36"

NAP-PS48 Perfect Shovel 45"

The Perfect Shovel

The Perfect Shovel by Nordic Plow was shown live on the NBC Today Show  with Kathy Lee, Hoda and Lou Manfredini February 2, 2016.  

Perfect Shovel by Nordic Plow

No more lifting and twisting. Watch as the inventor of the Perfect Shovel (Rich Behan) goes over it's features, benefits  and tips.

The Perfect Shovel On Lake & Pond Ice

Watch how great the sharp edge works on ice with limited traction.  Great for indoor rinks as  well.

Nordic Plow's Perfect Shovel on Wood Deck

Watch how the safely the rounded edge removes snow from a wooden deck. It simply glides over wood decks, pavers and all those nasty sidewalk cracks.