UTV Nordic Plow

The 64” UTV Plow is perfect to attach to your JD  Gator, Toro Workman or other side by side for all types of uses.  Each Nordic Plow comes complete with a specific mounting system for your vehicle of choice.

Our rounded edge plow is being used on professional stadiums to clear snow, water & debris from their artificial turf, running tracks and tarps.  Works great on anything you don't want to tear or rip up.

Nordic Plow has 64" UTV Plow that will fit the following vehicles:

  • Cub Cadet Challenger 500 & 700
  • John Deere 825i
  • John Deere Gator DX, TX, TH, TS, TE 
  • John Deere Pro Gator:  Watch  Video 1   Video 2
  • Kubota RTV:   Watch Video 1
  • Toro Groundmaster 360
  • Toro Groundmaster 7210
  • Toro Workman HD
  • Toro Workman HDX: Watch Video 1  |  Video 2
  • Toro Workman MD

Testimonial of the Nordic Plow

Testimonial by Mike McDonald, Head Groundskeeper for the University of Minnesota.